Podcast #12: Japanese Market Soundseeing Tour Part 2

Tweet Episode #12 Part 2 of my Japanese Market Soundseeing Tour, plus a rant about free food choices. Featured Website: www.wineanswers.com Quick Tip: Freezing chipotles Music: “Can’t Hold It Down”, Andy Sullivan. www.andysullivan.com Technorati Tags: podcast, personal chef, Japanese market, foie gras

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The Duck Stops Here

Tweet My friend Jennifer Iannolo, Publisher of Gastronomic Meditations, at once a lovely food aesthete and champion of individual liberties and the rights of man, has written the best editorial yet on the subject of the Foie Gras Wars. “Chefs are now presenting themselves en masse, explaining the process of gavage, and attempting to educate […]

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Food Safety Corner: Tea

Tweet We love our tea, whether it’s freshly brewed hot tea, or a cool refreshing iced tea on a hot summer day. But it turns out that storing brewed teas at room temperature can actually be a problem for food safety. Like most plant derived foods, dry tea leaves can contain low levels of bacteria, […]

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Google-y Eyed

Tweet Well, after reading about the search to find a new Executive Chef for Google, this profile piece appears today in the New York Times about the FORMER Chef, Charlie Ayers. Looks like he’s taking that big pile of cash he made from selling his Google stock options and creating an eco-friendly restaurant/cafe styled after […]

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Liver Let Live: Updates on the Foie Gras War

Tweet An excellent post over on the superchefblog sums up more recent developments in the great Foie Gras war of 2005. It heartens me to read that: “Chefs Rick Tramonto and Charlie Trotter, who are on opposite sides of the debate, have finally found common ground on foie gras: both object to the city government […]

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Bury The Dead Tonight

Tweet Come see me perform in The New York reading will be at The Great Hall at Cooper Union7 East 7th Street8 pm$20 suggested donation, sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.Reserve your place, 212-501-2323 The beneficiaries: Red Cross (for Katrina relief), Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, & Not In Our Name.

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Got milk? (Get a lawyer)

Tweet Well, it’s a busy week for people who want to control our food choices and individual liberties. So, no foie gras, no long pointed knives, and now, no MILK?!? Lawyers, masquerading as Physicians who think they know what’s best for us (www.pcrm.org), want to sue the dairy industry on behalf of lactose intolerant people […]

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Good Grief!

Tweet Just when you thought the nanny state was taking over in the US with the proposed ban on Foie Gras in Chicago, it seems our neighbors across the pond have got it even worse. According to this BBC article: “Doctors in the UK have called for a ban on long pointed kichen knives to […]

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Podcast #11: Japanese Market Soundseeing Tour Part 1

Tweet Episode #11 Part 1 of my Japanese Market Soundseeing Tour, where I explore the aisles and describe the amazing products I find at the JAS Mart on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village. Featured Website: www.cookingforengineers.com Quick Tip: Mixing without splatters Music: “Can’t Hold It Down”, Andy Sullivan. www.andysullivan.com

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Dream Job: Google Chef

Tweet I remember reading the job listing a few weeks ago. Google, the internet search company, was looking for an Executive Chef for it’s Bay Area Corporate Campus. This is a primo job, where the empployees get free breakfast, lunch and dinner. I dreamt for a few moments about what it would be like to […]

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