Eliminating pesticides from your diet

Tweet Pesticides are not on the USDA Food pyramid, so you shouldn’t be ingesting them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you’re bound to be exposed to some unwanted chemicals. The Environmental Working Group, an advocacy group for organic food, did a study about the relative levels of pesticide “An EWG simulation […]

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Mostly Trivial: Cuisine

Tweet As you may know, in addition to loving food and cooking, I’m a real geek. I love obscure factoids and trivia, so naturally, one of my favorite podcasts is Mostly Trivial with Johnee Bee, and Johnee has featured me on his October 14th show, complete with all his usual funny production values. So head […]

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Marzipan Babies…NOT!

Tweet Well, thanks to Ryan, an intrepid listener, I have been made aware that the marzipan babies are not marzipan at all. While I don’t like being one to spread misinformation, I’m glad that I was wrong here. As I said in the podcast, there’s something extremely disquieting about the notion of edible babies. He […]

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j’espère que t’es pas un chef!

Tweet With thanks to Paola e basta Quatre chirurgiens discutent de leur profession dansune salle de repos à l’hopital. Le premier chirurgien commence : “J’aime avoir des comptables sur ma table d’opération.Lorsque vous les ouvrez, tout estnuméroté correctement à l’intérieur…” dit lepremier. “Ouais, mais vous devriez voir les électriciens ! Toutest codé en couleur à […]

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Fall It’s My Park Day

Tweet The good people of Inwoof, the Inwood Dog owner’s group, spent the day on Saturday making improvements to our Dog Run at the semi-annual It’s My Park cleanup day. We raked, cleaned, weeded, and planted bulbs for next Spring. We also hosted a bake sale to raise money for our general fund. This is […]

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Farmer’s Market Saturday: Harvest colors

Tweet The rain finally stopped! Thankfully, I can stop building the Ark. Today was a beautiful day, and the farmers brought out more and more of their serious fall produce. Today was all about the colorful, harvest colors of orange, red, brown, and yellow. This ornamental corn reminds me of New Mexico. We always had […]

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Ruminations on Roots

Tweet My latest article for Gastronomic Meditations is a Rumination on Roots. This month’s featured Main Ingredient is the humble root in all it’s forms, and in this piece I explore the varied uses of roots and rhizomes in other cultures throughout the world. In some cultures, roots are so highly prized, they form the […]

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Podcast #16:

Tweet Episode #16: Food News, listener e-mails, marzipan babies, a Yuzu recipe and “The Great Chile Relleno Casserole Recipe Mystery” Featured Website: www.CookingDiva.net Quick Tip: Keeping a box grater clean Music: “Can’t Hold It Down”, Andy Sulivan. www.andysullivan.com Mambo MiamMiam”, Katy Stephan. www.katystephan.com Technorati Tags: podcast, food podcast, yuzu, marzipan, kitchen tips,personal chef,chef

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Food Safety Corner: Quiz Yourself

Tweet What do you know about the common kitchen practices you use? Can you make yourself sick without even knowing it? This article from the Seattle Times may help you to find out how safe you’re being. “Old habits die hard. That may be particularly true for kitchen routines. But could your typical food-handling habits […]

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Eat some fish, Brainiac

Tweet A new study published in the Archives of Neurology finds that eating fish at least once a week can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. “Study participants who consumed fish at least once per week had 60 percent less risk of Alzheimer’s compared with participants who rarely or never ate fish. The researchers […]

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