RP128: The Cantering Caterer

Tweet [display_podcast] ReMARKable Palate #128: The Cantering Caterer This week, we speak with Christian O’Dowd, owner of the Cantering Caterer, based in Connecticut. Christian has been responsible for some huge events all over the tri-state area, from rooftop wedding receptions, to celebrity and corporate parties based around ethnic themes, color themes, and even themed around […]

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Merguez with Spicy Chickpeas

Tweet One of our most active readers and listeners, Pat Churchill, writes in to comment on last week’s show featuring ANOTHER listener, Shawn Dreelin: Enjoyed your podcast chatting to one of your listeners, Shawn. I get merguez at a local monthly farmers’ market and made this dish. You might like to forward the url to […]

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RPV29: Cast Iron Tips

Tweet ReMARKable Palate Video #29: Cast Iron Tips Chef Mark shares a few quick tips on choosing and seasoning a cast iron skillet. This is the first of a series of quick kitchen and shopping tips from ReMARKable Palate. Music: “Go Fish” by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network. music.podshow.com The ReMARKable Palate […]

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RP127: Listener Shawn Dreelin

Tweet [display_podcast] ReMARKable Palate #127: Listener Shawn Dreelin Today we speak with Shawn Dreelin, a listener from Glen Allen, Virginia who is passionate about making his own homemade food products. he approaches his projects with precision and dedication. From cold smoking his own meats, to making sausages, and trying out many of our Gilded Fork […]

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Photos of Cold Smoker Setup

Tweet I spoke with listener Shawn Dreelin on ReMARKable Palate #127, and he told us how he constructed a cold smoker setup in his backyard. As promised, here are the photos of the setup. food, food podcast, cooking, smoked meats, sausage, ReMARKable Palate, Culinary Podcast Network, Gilded Fork

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Speckfest Preview Video

Tweet Preview of the Culinary Media Network’s visit to Speckfest, the largest festival celebrating Speck, Alto Adige’s proud contribution to the world of ham. We learn about production of this unique smoke … d and cured ham both from artisanal farmhouse producers and factory prodcuers, learn to taste with expert Lou Di Palo of Di […]

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Adventures in Asiago Preview

Tweet Coming soon to The Culinary Media Network. Join us on our adventures as we explore the making and tasting of one of the world’s most amazing cheeses, Asiago DOP. Lou Di Palo of Di Palo’s fine Foods in Little Italy is our guide as we explore.

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RPV28: Swiss Wines

Tweet ReMARKable Palate Video #28: Swiss Wines We speak with representatives from 3 different regions in Switzerland, learning about the unique wines of this small, mountainous country. We learn about the wines of Lake Geneva from Beat Dreier of Geneva Tourism, The Matterhorn Region from Bruno Huggler, and the Vaudois from Francois Michel. Music: “Go […]

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RP126: Koshi Rice

Tweet [display_podcast] ReMARKable Palate #126: Koshi Rice This week, I speak with Mark Isbell of Isbell farms in Humnoke, Arkansas. Mark’s family has been growing rice for generations, and he joins us today to speak about koshihikari rice, the favored sushi rice, in Japan, and how his family was the first to successfully grow this […]

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RP125: Brandt Beef

Tweet [display_podcast] ReMARKable Palate #125: Brandt Beef This week, we speak with the folks from Brandt Beef, a family owned beef producer, who pride themselves on raising their cattle on grain that they grow themselves, and focusing on a “tongue to tail” philosophy of sustainable stewardship. Using their own compost and non-commercial fertilizer, they approach […]

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