A Sultry Dance of Pears and Cheese

I’m happy to announce that I will now be a regular contributor to Gastronomic Meditations. I will be presenting recipes and writing columns about the monthly featured ingredients from an international perspective.

My first contribution is a celebration of the sultry dance between pears and cheese, this month’s main ingredient and the indulgence. I make a playful switch, though, and use cheese as the base, turning the main ingredient, pears, into a sweet indulgence.

You can read the article here:
A Sensual Flamenco Alegria

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11 Responses to “A Sultry Dance of Pears and Cheese”

  1. Ben

    Hi Mark, Great podcast. I’ve added your show to the Open Media Network, http://www.omn.org.

    Cheers, Ben

  2. ReMARKable Palate

    Thank, Ben. I appreciate it! Check out the article and recipe on GM, and listen for the second part of my interview with Publisher Jennifer Iannolo, coming out on Thursday.

  3. EFB

    One of my favorite combos. Great article.

  4. ReMARKable Palate

    Thanks EFB. I like the list of movies on your profile. Check out my Podcast #9, Food Movies for some notes on several of these films.


  5. cookingdiva

    Hola Mark! congratulations for the article—very well done 🙂 I wrote a little something about it and a recipe with guayaba paste: http://panamagourmet.blogs.com/

  6. Zaida


  7. Anonymous

    Great podcast, Mark! The tips that you provide are so helpfull. Keep them coming!

  8. cookingdiva

    Mark, just found out about Elise’s post on “quince” jelly. It is great step by step recipe with photos…You can find it here: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/001455quince_jelly.php

  9. ReMARKable Palate

    Thanks, Melissa! I checked it out. Nice recipe. It differs from the “carne de membrillo” in that the Spsnish use the pulp to give body to the paste, and they really are preserving the fruit. In this jelly recipe, you’re producing a finer jelly with the taste and aroma of quince, without the mass of the fruit.

  10. EFB

    Thanks for directing me to your podcast. I really enjoyed it! It made me think of a couple other great food movies: Mostly Martha, Delicatessen and Queen of Hearts.

    Btw, I just added your site to my links section. I’ll be coming back more often.

  11. ReMARKable Palate

    Thanks for the linkback, efb!