Chef Mark Named Culinary Consultant for Granoff Caviar, LTD

April 26, 2005 – Mark Tafoya, owner of ReMARKable Palate, has been named exclusive culinary consultant and demonstration chef for Granoff Caviar, LTD. “I’m excited to be representing Granoff’s Black Label line at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago May 21-24, demonstrating the many uses of this fine new gourmet product.” says Chef Tafoya. Granoff is a caviar alternative that is capturing the attention of a growing number of chefs since its introduction at the New York Fancy Foods Show in 2004, where Chef Tafoya created a number of innovative dishes. An affordable option, this caviar can be used in all of the same ways as traditional caviar. It also has the added benefit of being used with hot foods, unlike caviar. Taste tests place Granoff close to Osetra caviar in flavor and close to Beluga with its buttery texture, with a clean finish and no after-taste.

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