Chef Mark’s Catalonian Adventure

(Jennifer posted this for me since I am having limited access to wifi during my trip to Spain)

Chef Mark is running amok in Spain this week with our friends Ryan and Gabriella Opaz from Catavino, and though internet connections are always challenging while we’re on the road, this time I can help from the domestic side!

Focused in Calatonia (or Catalunya), the northeastern corner of Spain, the group has been touring various wineries including Freixenet, the largest cava producer in the world. They are also attending the Alimentaria festival in Barcelona, and from what I can see, having some marvelous meals. (Last night’s Twitter stream featured plenty of sex on a plate.)

Chef Mark has posted some Facebook albums, so take a peek for yourself:

Tour of Freixenet

Dinner at 5 Centits (5 Senses — oh my yes)

Tapas and Tasting

I’ll continue to post updates as Chef Mark sends them, but in the interim you can follow him on Twitter.

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