Chef Mark’s Quick Bites: Honolulu Eating Tour, Pts 1 & 2

Some more material form my recent trip to Hawaii for the “So Much More Hawaii” tour sponsored by the Hawaii HTA. The amazingly energetic and intrepid Melissa Chang took me all around her hometown of Honolulu as we discovered so many of the great local eateries. In this first post, We start our tour right after our visit to the Honolulu Fish Auction, which I reported on a few weeks ago. We had breakfast at Nico’s, an eatery just down the pier from the Fish Auction, which gets the freshest fish in town for their fish omelets and fish fried rice. Here I speak with Nico, a native of Lyon, France, about what brought him to Hawaii:

We then headed over to Chinatown with Melissa and Tommy Wong to check out all the great eats. We really got lucky to be able to go into the Luk Fun factory, where they make delicious rice noodles. Melissa thinks it’s because the “round eye” stayed in the back of the line while the Chinese people asked if we could shoot video! (Thanks to Tommy for explaining to the proprietor what a podcast is in Cantonese!)

Those Dan Tat were so sweet and “eggy” (in a good way), and I’m really craving some more right about now!

Special thanks to Melissa Chang for showing us around. We’ll have a few more Honolulu Eating Tour episodes coming, as we try malasadas, cocoa puffs, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, and Filipino food! You can find Melissa’s blog at The Urban Mix Plate.

More to come!

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