Fall It’s My Park Day

The good people of Inwoof, the Inwood Dog owner’s group, spent the day on Saturday making improvements to our Dog Run at the semi-annual It’s My Park cleanup day. We raked, cleaned, weeded, and planted bulbs for next Spring. We also hosted a bake sale to raise money for our general fund. This is the best group of people around. Don’t just take my word for it, though. The NY Press recently named Inwood the “Best Manhattan neighborhood for Dog Owners” in it’s annual “Best of” issue. Here are some pictures of the crew hard at work, and Stiva using my friend Deb as a stepping stool.

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2 Responses to “Fall It’s My Park Day”

  1. Mona

    That’s really cute. I wish I didn’t work weekends so I could do more community stuff with other people, I feel everyone gets the stuff done on the weekends. My coworker lives in Inwood, I don’t even know if he knows about this “best” category-very cool!

  2. Caren

    I could have sworn I had already seen this entry, but I just now noticed those amazing pictures of Joseph (the beautiful and wise Vizsla). So sweet. I’ll cherish those photos forever.