Kohlrabi time!

Well, the aliens have landed! We got our first delivery of kohlrabi in our CSA baskets this week, and I’m excited to make them. In addition to fine dicing them to throw in salads, I’m going to make the following dish this weekend:

Kohlrabi with Parmesan (4 servings)

2 small kohlrabi bulbs
1-2 Tablespons unsalted butter
4 ounces Parmesan cheese, grated
ground black pepper, to taste

Peel the kohlrabi and cut into matchsticks. Cook in boiling water, or microwave until tender. Drain, and toss with the butter. Immediately sprinkle with the grated Parmesn cheese and ground black pepper to taste. Serve at once!

From Wikipedia
: Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group) is a low, stout cultivar of the cabbage which has been selected for its swollen, nearly spherical, Sputnik-like shape. The name comes from the German kohl (cabbage) plus rabi (turnip), because the swollen stem resembles the latter. Kohlrabi has been created by artificial selection for lateral meristem growth, its origin in nature is the wild mustard plant.

The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, but milder and sweeter, with a higher ratio of flesh to skin. The young stem in particular can be as crisp and juicy as an apple, although much less sweet.

Plus, my friend Cheryl Rogowski shared with me a super simple hors d’oeuvre. Boil up some peeled kohlrabi until just fork tender. Mash it up and mix it with cream cheese and whatever seasonings float your boat, and use it as a stuffing for sugar snap pea pods!

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