National Personal Chef Day

Chef Mark on the cover of Personal Chef Magazine

I bet you didn’t know there WAS a National Personal Chef Day, did you?

Well, July 16th is indeed National Personal Chef Day, but the beautiful thing about it as that it’s the customers that get to celebrate with great home-cooked meals done by chefs who love what they do.

As you know, I am a Certified Personal Chef, and I love providing a myriad of services for my clients in their home, from regular weekday meals stocking their freezers and fridges, to special occasion cooking. You may think of a personal chef as a luxury, but in reality it can be a great way to stay healthy and eat great meals as well as save money, especially if you eat out alot.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to hire a Personal Chef:

* You want to eat better.
* You’re on a specific diet and need help staying on it.
* You’re tired of the same-old take out food.
* Waiting for a table at noisy restaurants is stressing you out.
* You want customized meals designed to your specific taste.
* You have a full-time job and no time to plan healthy meals.
* You want to spend more quality time with your family and less time in the kitchen and grocery store.
* You hate cooking or don’t know how.
* You want to impress your family and friends and make it look like you cooked all day!
* You’re not a big fan of grocery shopping.
* You’re having a party and you’d rather enjoy the party than plan and cook the food.
* You are recuperating and can’t cook for yourself.
* You’d like to surprise your special someone with a romantic dinner for two in the comfort of your own home!

(From the homepage of the NY Chapter of the United States Personal Chef Association of which I was the founding President)

To celebrate National Personal Chef Day AND the summer, I’m offering a special price on dinners for 2 or 4 people in Manhattan:

$300 for an all inclusive 4 course dinner for two
$400 for an all inclusive 4 course dinner for four

By having set menus with 2 choices for each course, I’m able to offer it at a lower price than the normal menus which are completely customized, as a means of introducing the service to new customers. Price includes shopping, setup, cooking, serving and cleanup! (Menu Substitutions possible for an additional fee)
Please ask me about the special summer dinner party pricing when you call. Pricing valid until the end of September.


Of course, if you’re NOT in New York City, you can find a chef anywhere in the country at, the premiere listing source for personal chefs, who are all members of the USPCA, the leader in the industry.

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