Podcast #10: Lunch Tips

Episode #10

Lunch Tips from my Interview with Andrew at the Working Podcast.

I also do a roundup of mentions from other Podcasts this week.

Plus: The answer to the riddle from Podcast #9!

Featured Website:
A Veggie Venture

Quick Tip: Measuring Honey

Music: “Can’t Hold It Down”, Andy Sullivan, www.andysullivan.com

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2 Responses to “Podcast #10: Lunch Tips”

  1. Alanna

    Hi Mark, Thanks for featuring A Veggie Venture in your podcast! And I must say, yours is a voice that could coax even shy cooks into the kitchen! Well done! Alanna

  2. ReMARKable Palate

    Well, well, let’s hope I continue to use my powers for good, then! 😉

    I’m Glad to feature your site, as it’s a great resource for those elusive side dishes.