Podcast #14: Part 2, Jennifer Iannolo of GastronomicMeditations.com

Episode #14: Part 2 of my Interview with Jennifer Iannolo, Publisher of Gastronomic Meditations. A no holds barred discussion of freedom of food choice, and why the government should stay out of your mouth! We also delve into some scary food options!

(Remember to send me your Wild food stories, and I’ll play or read them on the show)

Quick Tip: Keeping Red Cabbage from turning blue

Featured Website: www.NotesFromSpain.com

Plus another song from Katy Stephan.

Music: “Can’t Hold it Down”, by Andy Sullivan. www.andysullivan.com/

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One Response to “Podcast #14: Part 2, Jennifer Iannolo of GastronomicMeditations.com”

  1. vlb5757

    Mark, I listened to your Podcast today while I cooked. I completely agree with you and Jennifer. What gives the government the right to tell me what I can and can not eat? While I choose not to eat Foie Gras, I don’t begrudge those who do. I choose to eat meat, but don’t want to hounded by those who don’t. I respect others right to choose as long as they respect my right to be different than them.