ReMARKable Palate #247: Catching Up At the Fancy Food Show

ReMARKable Palate #247: Catching Up At the Fancy Food Show

This week, I head to the Annual Fancy Food Show, where thousands of food producers show their wares to buyers, chefs, journalists, and gourmands who can’t get enough. Next week, I”ll have a couple of interviews with NEW discoveries from the show, but this week, I catch up with people I’ve interviewed in the past, and see what’s new and how they’ve grown their business since the last time we spoke.

Here’s the video from last year’s show where I interviewed Isela Hernandez of Kekua: Chef Mark’s Quick Bites

ReMARKable Palate #152: A Powerful Taste of Wales

Buy Carica online: Tamaya Gourmet

Theme Song: “Go Fish”, by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network.

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