ReMARKable Palate Podcast #44

#44: Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club, and Chef John Keller

Jennifer and I enjoyed a Paul Goerg Premier Cru Champagne Dinner at Bruno Jamais’ Supper Club. (You can hear our interview with Paul Goerg’s Mario Rinaldi on the Food Philosophy Podcast #11) We spoke first with Owner Bruno Jamais, who has worked in some of New York’s finest restaurants, including Daniel, before opening his own place. Next we chatted with Chef John Keller about his inspiration for the menu, the champagne pairings, and pursuing the perfect Maryland Crab Cake. 212-396-3444

Food Safety Corner: Freezer Tips

Theme Music: “Can’t Hold it Down”, Andy Sullivan.

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2 Responses to “ReMARKable Palate Podcast #44”

  1. Henrique Freitas - Brazil

    Dear Mark,

    My comment is not really about this particular show, but to give you some feedback about my experience with the Culinary Podcast Feed.
    I’ve been a listener to your show for about a year now, and a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to subscribe to the CPN Feed.
    It wasn’t what I’ve expected. Mostly because I didn’t appreciate all the other shows as I did yours, but also because iTunes couldn’t download all the shows. So I ended up missing a few of them.
    I think the CPN is a very good idea, but not the unified feed. If there was a way to select which shows you would like to subscribe to, and then create the feed, I think it could work.
    Of course, like every network, there are shows you dislike, and you can always skip then, but here it’s a little bit different, because you have to download them all before you can skip.
    I’ve just unsubscribed the CPN feed, and went back to just the Remarkable Palate one.
    Well, I hope this feedback is valid to you, and congratulations for the show.


  2. ReMARKable Palate

    Thanks Henrique, That’s great feedback. Please write to me directly at or skype me using the name “remarkablepalate” as I’d like to hear more of your thoughts about this. As I said at the beginning of the CPN, it would be there for people to get a taste of some of the other shows that are out there, and if you like some of them, but not all, you could unsubscribe from the cpn feed and subscribe tot he indivisual shows you like. I hope that you were able to find one or teo others that you enjoy.