RP151: Greek Cheese with the Greek Gourmand

ReMARKable Palate #151: Greek Cheese with the Greek Gourmand

This week, I chat with Sam Sotiropoulos, the Greek Gourmand, who shares recipes and reflections on Greek food, culture, and history on his blog at greekgourmand.blogspot.com. Sam gives us a primer on Greek cheeses, helping us to go beyond feta, and distinguish between the many fine cheeses that come from the cradle of Western Civilization.

More on Greek Cheeses: Greek Cheese Page

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One Response to “RP151: Greek Cheese with the Greek Gourmand”

  1. greekfood

    Errata Addendum: I missed it on the first listen through but caught it on my second. I mispoke and gave the impression that Metsovone cheese is a sheep/goat’s milk cheese. It is in fact a cow’s milk cheese. Apologies for the confusion. Sheesh! I am glad I caught it myself before someone else pointed it out! 🙂

    Sam Sotiropoulos
    Greek Gourmand