RP189: Poland Culinary Vacations

ReMARKable Palate #189: Poland Culinary Vacations

I speak with Sarna Rose, owner of www.polandculinaryvacations.com, about the wonderful cooking excursions she offers to 2 regions of Poland. You may not have considered Poland before, but Sarna shows us why visiting Lower Selesia and the Lesser Poland regions just might be one of the best hidden travel gems around, especially with the current exchange rates!

We’re planning a Culinary Media Network group trip to Lesser Poland, August 16-22, 2009. This is the itinerary which explores Krakow and the Zakopane region. If you join us on this trip, you can get a Special 30% discount! Email me at remarkablepalate@gmail.com if you’re interested. The 30% discount applies to any itinerary booked through ReMARKable Palate or Culinary Media Network.

Poland Culinary Vacations.

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