RP216: The Foods of Peru

ReMARKable Palate #216: The Foods of Peru

I speak with Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of the vanguard chefs of Lima Peru, who is trying to highlight the native foods of the Amazon at his Malabar restaurant in Lima. I then speak with Moises Olivares, at the Sol y Luna Lodge & Resort in the Sacred Valley, high in the Andes Mountains, where Chef Schiaffino is the Executive chef and oversees the culinary programs. I learn all about the unique dishes of this truly food-obsessed country!

Theme Song: “Go Fish”, by Big Money Grip, from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Full Disclosure: Our attendance at La Mistura, travel to Peru and accomodations were sponsored by PromPeru, as part of a Press Trip of North American journalists to learn about many foods of Peru.

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