Some Photos from Switzerland

Jennifer and I are visiting Switzerland for a short 3 day trip. The main purpose was to see how SWISS airlines is overhauling their premium class in-flight services. We were given a tour of the Gate Gourmet facility at the Zurich airport, and we’ll have videos of that in the coming weeks. But we couldn’t come all the way to Switzerland in December without discovering the beautiful cities, the Christmas Markets, and of course the foods!

Here I’m enjoying the classic Swiss Raclette, which is a dish of melted cheese that you scrape from the pan yourself and pour over any number of foods, from sausages and bratwurst, to mushrooms, potatoes, pearl onions, pickles and tomato!

Here are links to a few facebook photo albums of the trip so far:

Chef Mark’s photos of SWISS Business Class meal service

Chef Mark’s photos of Zurich

Chef Mark’s photos of Luzern

Chef Mark’s photos of Mount Pilatus

Jennifer’s pictures from Zurich

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