The ultimate Tapas crawl

Well, I´m on my way home now, but not before one last night crawling through the famed Calle Laurel section of Logroño, which has numerous streets filled with tapas bars (or pinchos, as they are more commonly known in the North of Spain). We were blessed to come at this time of year, when the setas, or wild mushrooms are in season. There´s one bar in particular which grills up very large wild mushrooms with garlic and olive oil, and when enjoyed with a glass of the REALLY inexpensive yet quality Criaza wines, makes for a great snack.

Not satisfied with only the wild mushrooms, we had to have some of the patatas bravas, fried potatoes slathered in hot sauce and mayonnaise, as well as pimientos del padron, morcilla sausage, and the famed white asparagus of Rioja. This last dish was wrapped in a slice of ham, with melted cheese and wrapped in a thin crepe. Yum!

As with the rest of my adventures, I’ll have more in depth information on this great street later on teh Gilded Fork. But in the meantime, you can check out some of the bars at

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