Will someone Get Adam a Dulce de Leche con Brownie??

This is an e-mail I got from Adam Riff, who deserves to get a little gelato love, no? Read on, dear friends:

This is a request for your participation in an inconsequential campaign of tasty proportions. I’ll begin with the basics, you can continue onto the backstory if you wish.


You! And anyone else!

” Cones” the gelato/ice cream place in the West Village on Bleecker between 6th and 7th Avenues.

Next time you’re in the West Village!

Walk in and ask the guy behind the counter if he carries the flavor “Dulce de Leche con Brownie” (say: DOOL-say de LE-chay con Brownie. It’s easy.)

He will say no, and might laugh at you a little.

Then you can make a sadface and walk out, or, EVEN BETTER, you can order something else to show you’re serious and because it all tastes wonderful and because we don’t want to be, you know, a nuisance. I recommend the Dulce de Leche (even without the brownie it’s incredible, though not transcendent).

Once you do this, send me an email with the date you stopped by.

Because if enough people do this, our man at the gelato store will create the flavor– little scoops of heaven so divine, the Believers might just be caught up from the earth while the Sinners are left to fend for themselves.

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures and a serious sweet tooth– which was notably affected a year and a half ago when I spent the summer in Argentina. There I experienced perhaps the height of confectionery satisfaction, when I got to sample all things Dulce de Leche. Similar to caramel, dulce (for short) is integrated into all sorts of desserts– not least of which is gelato. And the perfect form of this gelato can be found at one particular gelateria in Buenos Aires, which cleverly dubs the flavor, “Dulce de Leche con Brownie.”

Countrymen, we are closer than ever to having this flavor available to enjoy in our own backyard.

“Cones” is a ice cream/gelato place in the West Village on Bleecker between 6th and 7th Avenues. The owner (who also works the counter) is a native of Buenos Aires, and is well versed in the ways of their gelato. Not only is he familiar with their gelateria of note (“Persicco”), he has experienced the pleasure of Dulce de Leche con Brownie and knows what a treat it is. Aside from all the standard flavors, Cones offers Tiramisu, Corn, Mate, and Kumquat with Jonny Walker Black– all homemade and incredible.

He even offers Dulce de Leche (a helluva flavor even by its lonesome)… but no brownie. And why not? He insists it’s not marketable. That Americans don’t even know what Dulce de Leche is, and would never get it “con Brownie.” (Let me preempt your suggestion that I get a pint of his Dulce de Leche and bring it to Coldstone for them to fold a brownie into, by telling you that that is a stupid suggestion.) But he said that if enough people were to come in and specifically request Dulce de Leche con Brownie, he’d make a batch.

So because I often work in the Village, I’ve somehow managed to stop by with at least one person every day since the first visit, and send them into the store to request Dulce de Leche con Brownie. The guy knows exactly what’s up, no one’s pulling anything over on anyone, and he says he’s keeping track of how many people stop by and make the request. If we keep at it, he says he’ll make the gelato. I can’t get down there every day myself, but I figure why not see if we can keep the momentum going?

Which, obviously, is where you come in. (see “The Chase” above.)

Go to it, soldiers. Thank you and godspeed.

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